Online Payroll

Online Payroll

When it comes to payroll, be aware of the fact that the time is crucial. You need to deliver all the information on time, without being late, otherwise you could get a complaint and that could further make a huge blow to your company. That is why we take care of your payroll and make sure you can do your job instead of thinking about this.

Do I need to run a payroll scheme?

Any business that has employees will need to run a payroll and submit RTI (Real Time Information) returns to HMRC on each pay day. Penalties starting at £100 per missed RTI return are payable to HMRC and any underpaid tax and national insurance due will also accrue interest.

How can we help with your Online Payroll?

We will provide a truly comprehensive service and will provide:

Online payslips for your employees for distribution to you, or direct to your employees

Submission of Online RTI returns

Process of all new starters and leaving employees including P45, P46 and P60’s

Manage all aspects of SSP (Statutory Sick Pay), SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay) and student loan deductions

Ensure compliance with new Pension regulations

Payment to your employees on your behalf


Here you can find out all the information regarding the payroll and how important it is for your company.

Do I have to run payroll?

You will need to run a payroll if you have any employees you’re paying weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us where we will be happy to answer any payroll questions you might have.

What is RTI?

RTI stands for Real Time Information and it’s the new way to report wages, salaries, PAYE and National Insurance online to the HMRC. Traditionally, Payroll data would be submitted at the end of the tax year, but the new changes will require data to be submitted to HMRC online whenever employees are paid.

What information do I need to provide?

It’s fairly simple for us to run your online Payroll for you. Once we have all your employees set up all we need from you is there pay/hours for each pay period. Whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

We will also submit everything to the HMRC online so you will be fully compliant.

Can this really all be done online?

Absolutely, Any modern business should have the resources to work online and we’re no different. Just like Green Room as all the money i paid from different sources of Bet tips. Most accountants will be working in an old fashioned way with old technology. That is not what we aim to do at Rymer Associates. We’re a forward thinking firm, we embrace working online and understand the benefits to our clients it provides.